• Global Business Intelligence – January / February 2023

    Global  Business Intelligence – January / February 2023

    Interesting articles I have been reading and personal commentary by yours truly. Stathis Kassios: Hyperinflation will persist in 2023 not only because of the known factors (geopolitics, energy crisis, economic policies, disrupted supply chains) but also because of psychological motives as observed in the behaviour of citizens in the post-Soviet Communist Eastern European countries in… Continue reading

  • Innovative Product Development

    If you are into product design, product development, IoT devices, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SaaS platforms, then you should check out this Reddit community: r/ideeza. Join in this link: IDEEZA is a SaaS Digital Product Design & Development platform powered by AI making every inventor’s and maker’s dream become reality. Contact me for more… Continue reading

  • Predictions for the 4th Industrial Revolution

    You probably all know, read or heard about 3D printers and how they will introduce humanity to the 4th Industrial Revolution altering our current political, economic, social systems . An additional vision and innovation for the future ahead is the  nanofabricators, something similar to the 3D printers but more sophisticated. Read all about it HERE… Continue reading

  • Assorted links – September 2019

    Assorted links – September 2019

    Nothing ages so quickly as yesterday’s vision of the future! – read HERE The New Generational Divide: Screen Size – read HERE Online Courses for Family Business Management (JIBS Sweden) – info HERE Elon Musk: ‘A.I. will make jobs kind of pointless’ — so study this – read HERE Starbucks, monetary superpower – read HERE… Continue reading

  • My predictions for 2017. Trends in a globally connect world.

    The globally connected world is moving fast. Technology is everywhere, shaping our lives online and offline. The following trends are just the natural continuation of what has been happening in the world of tech the past few years. We can definitely spot an acceleration, market penetration and customer acceptance of new technologies. Some political and… Continue reading

  • Assorted links by Cyber Consultant

    Assorted links by Cyber Consultant

    The Economist: What history might tell us about AI: EVOO Virgilliant @ Cloud Office for small business owners in Greece: The End of the Euro?: A plan to revitalize Greece: Web Design Studio Beautiful Pixels (use discount code ”BeautifulPixels2016”): moovit newsletter May 2016: The story of Noowit: ebay launched virtual reality department store in… Continue reading

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Stathis Kassios is currently a Senior Researcher & Economist at the think-tank of the Ministry for Citizen Protection. Holds an MSc. in Economics from JIBS. Worked for 7+ years as an Operations Manager for Moovit (acquired by Intel). Co-founded 3 Web Startups. Rebranding Greece with Zorba The Entrepreneur. 13+ years Web & Business Consulting international SMEs. Author of novels, economic & political articles. Strategist.