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Assorted links by Cyber Consultant – September 2016

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sevDesk – Το πιο Εύκολο Γραφείο!


Τί είναι το sevDesk; Το sevDesk είναι ένα online γραφείο και λογισμικό για λογιστικά. Μπορείτε να γράψετε ειδικές προσφορές, διαχειριστείτε τους πελάτες σας και να κάνετε λογιστικά.

Τι πλεονεκτήματα προσφέρει το sevDesk; Ως ένα λογισμικό που βασίζεται στο σύννεφο (cloud), το sevDesk είναι διαθέσιμο σε οποιαδήποτε σχεδόν συσκευή χωρίς εγκατάσταση. Ξεκινήστε το πρόγραμμα περιήγησης, συνδεθείτε και απλά χρησιμοποιήστε το sevDesk.

Για ποιον είναι το sevDesk; Το sevDesk είναι ιδανικό για μικρούς επιχειρηματίες και μικρές επιχειρήσεις.

Χαρακτηριστικά & Δυνατότητες:

Γράψτε τιμολόγια – Μπορείτε να γράψετε τιμολόγια εύκολα με το λογιστικό πρόγραμμα sevDesk. Μπορείτε να εκτυπώσετε το τιμολόγιό σας με ένα μόνο κλικ ή να το στείλετε μέσω e-mail.

Κάντε λογιστικά – Με το sevDesk, μπορείτε να αποθηκεύσετε ψηφιακά τα έγγραφά σας εύκολα και με σαφήνεια. Το λογισμικό μας για λογιστικά δημιουργεί αυτόματα ένα τιμολόγιο πλεονάσματος εσόδων για σας. Ακόμη και προσωρινές επιστροφές ΦΠΑ μπορούν εύκολα να δημιουργηθούν άμεσα στο sevDesk.

Διαχείριση Αποθήκης – Με τη διαχείριση αποθήκης sevDesk, μπορείτε να δείτε το απόθεμά σας οπουδήποτε και οποιαδήποτε στιγμή. Μπορείτε να δημιουργήσετε μια παράδοση με μερικά μόνο κλικ. Κατά τη διάρκεια της αποστολής το απόθεμά σας ρυθμίζεται αυτόματα.

Διαχείριση Πελατών – Μέσω της ολοκληρωμένης διαχείρισης πελατών, μπορείτε να διαχειριστείτε εύκολα όλα τα δεδομένα των πελατών. Τα τιμολόγια, προσφορές και περισσότερες λειτουργίες αναθέτονται αυτόματα από τον πελάτη και εμφανίζονται σε μία σαφή λίστα.

Δοκιμάστε σήμερα το sevDesk δωρεάν. Κάντε την εγγραφή σας εδώ


Πολλές περισσότερες λειτουργίες:

  • Δημιουργία Επαναλαμβανόμενων Τιμολογίων
  • Κρατήστε έξοδα και πληρωμές
  • Περιβάλλον – API
  • Διαχείριση εργασιών
  • Πολλαπλοί χρήστες ανά λογαριασμό

sevDesk – ασφαλές, αποτελεσματικό, αξιόπιστο

Για ελεύθερους επαγγελματίες & ιδιοκτήτες μικρών επιχειρήσεων!

Greek Population, You Have a Unique Chance! – by Anette Pekrul

Dear Greek Friends,
I promised three Greek fighters for a change to the better, Stathis, Sheridan and Christiana to write down the thoughts I have for all of you and your country. We met on the internet and it think it is no coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences, because I love the greek history, the country, its philosophers and YOU, the people. So it was also no coincidence, that you, the population, had to face this tremendous crisis. This crisis is your chance! It is your chance to have the biggest influence and the greatest achievements you may not yet be able to imagine. I am convinced, you will lead your country out of the crisis into a SUSTAINABLE and RESILIENT future. As a humanist I am focused since many years, actually since decades, on how to change the world to the better and I was working hard, thinking and fighting a lot, but I always had the feeling that I could not help, move or achieve enough until one day I remembered a quote of Socrates which is:

„The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, 

but on building the new.” 

This wisdom changed everything: my thinking and concepts, my energy and my progress. But still I had many single concepts not yet realized. Looking on all the solutions I created for changing education system, Co2-reduced living, re-creating  important social values like respecting elderly people, organic nutrition, talent support for kids, lifelong learning, changing media system to a high quality information system, create more financial equality, strengthening civic society and strengthening democracy believing in the opportunity of world freedom and a positive future for humanity and our planet ...

Those were all concepts which were single and standing alone they did not have a big chance for success. The second insight was: ALL BELONGS TOGETHER!  And that was the key for me to create a new living and housing system including all the concepts and providing the INFRASTRUCTURE for the change to the better. ( This new holistic living and housing concept can be adapted to your country or the concepts implemented to your villages and cities. One small part of the new education system is on the road, we just launched the website: Hopefully, we manage this successfully and then bring to Greece ... These are concepts I am working on - also for YOU! I am so happy that the internet provides the opportunity to share my thoughts and work with you. If your friends Christiana, Sheridan and Stathis would not have shared their thoughts on the internet we would most probably not have met.

I love the "Hellene" concept and share and support as much as I can. And if everybody of us looks at his/her talents, potentials and opportunities and USE them, if we all stick together, trust each other and focus on building  the new by co-working and sharing we will succeed together. For a better today and a better,  sustainable and RESILIENT tomorrow for the future generation. You are not alone! Let's take care and action!

Love, Anette

To connect with Anette, Greek entrepreneurs and creatives, join Zorba The Entrepreneur:

My tips & predictions for 2014


– Wearable technology (like Google Glass) merging with more fashion companies to go mainstream for consumer brands.

– Smart machines will proliferate (like IBM Watson). 

– Internet of everything (IoE). Expect internet to conquer everything, cars, housing devices, plant watering systems and not just your laptop.

– Apps make the world go round! Millions of applications easily searchable hitting your screens every day. The long tail of mobile apps and free competition will decide on who monetizes or not the idea behind the application. Tailored apps for all needs and human desires will be filling Apple Store and Google Play.

– 3D Printers will turn entire industries upside – down and will disrupt all current lines of manufacturing, production, logistics, etc. Companies can benefit from cost efficient prototyping through 3D printing.

– Crowdfunding. Take the story of Pebble Smartwatch which was backed by 85,000+ people through Kickstarter:

– Mobility will continue to threaten laptop manufacturers as more and more people jump to smartphones, tablets and other internet connected gadgets. The decline of PC shipments is a strong indicator of mobility taking over. Watch for employees BYOD (bring your own device programs) for management and diversity at work.

– Unlimited information is a driving force for the new economies. Technology and information as economic accelerators.

– Clouds everywhere. Personal Clouds, Corporate Clouds, Hybrid Clouds. Watch for integration and inter-operability thus long term performance of the designed Cloud.

– IT and financial organizations will carry the heavy burden of securing people’s data, avoiding frauds and harmful access that can threaten a corporation.

– You won’t rely on a certain device anymore. Your personal cloud will be accessed through any device. The challenge will be to easily manage and secure your personal cloud.

– Moving to Cloud is the new reality for businesses so better discover and choose the best cloud package offered to you by tech giants like Cisco, Oracle and others.

– Companies will be investing in R&D and allocating budgets in Cloud solutions to secure their data and offer integrated solutions to their clients and personnel for internal operations.

– Big data is the new oil as the impact for every single business independent of its size will be immense. The bet for companies in 2014 will be managing and securing corporate data, client data, transactions.

– If you don’t adapt fast to the disruptive technologies knocking at your door it will become unrealistic to promise your company sustainability.

– Follow emerging markets globally to escape your domestic economic problems and find partners and clients abroad. The limits of the world are constantly expanding. Fast information brings us closer to global opportunities.

– Networking is one of the most important things and secrets of entrepreneurship so keep meeting new people, share your ideas, projects, goals. Feedback is valuable.

May all your dreams come true for 2014! 

Mine: Establish Soundmap & Zorba The Entrepreneur as a global transmedia platform for Creatives!

-Stathis Kassios (Your personal Cyber Consultant)


A new cloud storage service from China offers 1TB of Free storage!


What makes Yunio different is that while usually cloud storage services offer a few free GB of storage Yunio offers 1TB (1000GB) of free storage and unlimited bandwidth. – See more at:

Interview with the founders of Pandoo TEK Inc.


Please introduce yourself to the readers of this blog and update us on your latest endeavors.

We are a couple of entrepreneurs that are committed to innovation. We founded Pandoo TEK Inc. in Vancouver B.C, Canada to develop the next big thing on the web. Pandoo TEKS’ sole purpose is to turn innovative ideas into solutions by developing the technologies to support them. Pandoo TEK achieves that with serious R&D on personalization and orchestration. Our names are: Michael Patellis (CEO) and George Delaportas (CIO).

A few words about us:

– George Delaportas –
I am a young Entrepreneur. I am an IT Architect and a Security Expert. Hacking and Reverse Engineering is part of my everyday life. In the past 2 years I have developed several technologies and innovations for different fields of science. The most denoted is ALPHA Script –
I have also worked in the space industry with ESA, NASA, etc. My view is towards reshaping the web into a highly personalized and adaptable space/place for every single user.

– Michael Patellis –
I am a Serial Entrepreneur. In the past I founded start-ups in Mining exploration, Air Transportation and Technology. Innovation is my basic principle in any business venture. My latest accomplishment is to fill a need in the Greek tourist and transportation industry by creating from scratch the Seaplane Industry in the country. My true passion though, is innovations over the cloud and the web.

What does the team of PANDOO want to achieve?

In a few words, our mission is to make the Internet personal so that users enjoy a very comfortable, easy and fun way of doing things online. To achieve that we introduce today, PANDOO. PANDOO is a total solution that integrates and personalizes web services, apps and games and provides ease of access and use of information on a friendly environment.

Online trends talk about the next big thing in big data, cloud computing, web apps & services, wearable hardware & computers (Google glass). Established IT companies are aggressively focusing on grasping all aspects of what a user/business wants or needs nowadays throughout the world wide web. How will you manage to differentiate with Pandoo in this highly competitive global marketplace?

PANDOO differentiates by its purpose of existence. It encapsulates, integrates, consolidates, orchestrates and personalizes services, apps, games and technologies together by providing a platform that turns individual vertical solutions into a total horizontal solution! In other words it makes things you do online or did offline extremely easy. PANDOO resembles other well known web apps like JoliCloud, oneLogin, iGoogle, myYahoo!, Blaast, etc. but unlike them that provide individual vertical solutions & services online in form of shortcuts, we integrate them into a total horizontal solution, offer them from within PANDOO web desktop and personalize them on our users!

Would you advise a Greek start-up to incorporate in Greece or abroad?

Although we are Greeks and love Greece, we do not feel like the ecosytem in Greece is mature enough to support and help new innovative startups who seek for global exposure. We suggest to our friends to choose countries like U.S.A and Canada.

Please close this interview as you see fit.

We are currently on heavy development, working hard, aiming for the best possible results. We hope that in the next 3 months we will have an early preview to show to the public. PANDOO is a BIG system and so people have to wait and be patient.

Until then, you may subscribe and follow us through our customer development form: where you will also be able to follow us in twitter and facebook. Also, we have recently launched a campaign in Indiegogo where we call all of you, the game changers of the web, the users, to help us make this happen ASAP. Please find more info and contribute in this link:

Finally, we’d like to thank you Stathis for this chance to present our project. We wish you the best with your projects as well and let’s hope that the future will be even more fascinating !