My personal tips & predictions for 2015

Dear readers,
These are my personal tips & predictions for 2015:
– Change will be inevitable in every company and organization independent of its size. If you do not enhance a culture of change, your company will not survive. Formulate a Change Strategy and closely monitor changing consumer behaviors, new and emerging business models, increasing competition.
– The experience of your brand should be communicated in a coherent way both online and offline.
–  Customers want to enjoy the same quality of information across all your marketing channels and platforms.
– All internet users are becoming publishers.
– Virtual and augmented reality, will change our perception for brands, products, services, communication and the way we interact with each other.
– Storytelling will be embraced by digital marketers in order to grasp targeted audiences.
– Media companies will be hot for producing niche content and monetizing it.
– Mobile analytics will help you understand how your customers interact with your products and services. Leverage mobile payments.
– Big data: we are gathering enormous amount of data from websites, mobiles, etc.
– Wearable tech will leverage big data. We will have access to vast amounts of personalized big data through our wearable tech gadgets. Algorithms will help you make smart decisions.
– Big data generates Artificial Intelligence. In 2014, a computer program named Eugene Groostman beat the Turing test.
– Are 3D printers the next industrial revolution? Which industries will be affected the most?
– Internet of Things (IoT) will connect every electronic device with the world wide web. Households will buy more IoT devices in the near future.
– GNR is continuing to accelerate in an exponential pace. Genetics, Nanotechnology, Robotics. Companies like Google, Microsoft and others, are investing millions in acquiring GNR companies. Nanorobots will also be enhanced in medicine.
– Global economy is hurt by uncertainty. Troubled countries should focus in private invstement and entrepreneurship.
– Falling oil prices will affect both winner and loser oil producing countries, importers & exporters.
– Current social and economic unrest, technological changes, are affecting how people perceive governments around the world.
– Startups are disrupting existing business models (See UBER).
– Experience the crisis in your country as an opportunity.
Feel welcome to post your comments and thoughts!
-Stathis Kassios
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