Assorted links – October / November 2017

Technological predictions by Ray Kurzweil

AI Enters University. Your Move Humans!

Corporate Web & Mobile Development

Why the World Is (Still) Better Than You Think—New Evidence For Abundance

Do tight labor markets cause inflation?

New Mobility World 2017 — Nir Erez Speaking on the Moovit Future Of Mobility

Urban commercial transport and the future of mobility

Bitcoin is making banks nervous. Here’s why

Why Does Sweden Have So Many Start-Ups?

Inside the World of the ‘Bitcoin Carnivores

Yours truly
Stathis Kassios


My interview for HighTech x Agency

HighTech x Agency is a new blog on innovative startups and ideas around the world, based in Dresden, Germany. It is curated by Angela Incampo & Ralf Lippold.

Visit HighTech x Agency to read the first interviews for ”The new face of Greece” and ”Sophia High Tech”.