• Global Business Intelligence – March / April 2023

    Global Business Intelligence – March / April 2023

    “As long as interest rates continue to climb by central banks (ECB, fed, bank of England/Japan, etc) expect more bank failures in 2023. The latter will be forced to liquidate long term bonds, assets and holdings to serve short term depositors & investors” – Stathis Kassios “Πρέπει κάποια στιγμή επιτέλους το ελληνικό ελαιόλαδο να εξάγεται… Continue reading

  • Inflation beyond forecasts

    Inflation beyond forecasts

    Most international analysts, economists, expert advisors around the world, did not expect that their initial forecasts for inflation will be of such duration, severity and immediate danger. The current rate will increase further, dragging prices along, preventing the much-desired growth that everyone longed after 2+ years of Covid-19 pandemic and shrinking global economic activity. Experts’… Continue reading

  • The stingy anti-Western argument

    The stingy anti-Western argument

    The current discussions between friends or experts about the war in Ukraine, usually lead to past reports of the mistakes, responsibilities and aggressive actions of the West in the Balkans, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, military involvement in Ukraine and the periphery region of Russia. It seems that all those who try to justify Russia’s indisputably… Continue reading

  • Cold New World

    Russia’s argument for invading and attacking Ukraine is to oust its “neo-Nazi government” and demilitarize the country. Even if that was the case, according to the attacker, the latter hides the existence of neo-Nazi elements in Russia itself. After all, this invasion is more reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi Germany against the neighboring countries. At the… Continue reading

  • Ψυχρός Νέος Κόσμος

    Η επιχειρηματολογία της Ρωσίας να εισβάλλει και επιτεθεί στην Ουκρανία, είναι η νεοναζιστική κυβέρνησή της και η αποστρατικοποίηση της χώρας. Ακόμη και αν ήταν έτσι σύμφωνα με τον επιτιθέμενο, κρύβει ότι υπάρχουν νεοναζιστικά στοιχεία και στην ίδια τη Ρωσία. Εξάλλου η εισβολή αυτή θυμίζει περισσότερο τη Ναζιστική Γερμανία του Χίτλερ προς τις γειτονικές τότε χώρες.… Continue reading

  • New article

    Read my new article on the macroeconomics in the Covid19 era. Click in the link below (use Google translate for non-Greek speakers): Continue reading

  • New Clients & Projects in 2019!

    New Clients & Projects in 2019!

    Starting off 2019 very dynamically with new global projects assigned to our office: Strategic Consultation, Product Development Management and Quality Assurance for a new mobile dating application (undisclosed version) to be launched in USA Digital Marketing Plan for one of the most established and oldest running associations & NPOs for children protection in Greece Brand Monitoring,… Continue reading

  • CressCap Investment Research

    CressCap Investment Research

    My analysis and grade ranking for the Media Industry in Europe now available to the registered global investors of CressCap Investment Research platform. Sign up in the following link to read the macro reports: Continue reading

  • Assorted – summer – links by Cyber Consultant

    Assorted – summer – links by Cyber Consultant

    The Best Business Book I’ve Ever Read by Bill Gates – Amazon’s new 3D printing store lets you build customized gear – Argentina is — once again — in default. – Others on the Aging of U.S. Firms –  5 Lessons From Silicon Valley for Developing Business Hubs – 22 brilliant insights from adventurous entrepreneur Richard Branson – Crowdfunding… Continue reading

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Stathis Kassios is currently a Senior Researcher & Economist at the think-tank of the Ministry for Citizen Protection. Holds an MSc. in Economics from JIBS. Worked for 7+ years as an Operations Manager for Moovit (acquired by Intel). Co-founded 3 Web Startups. Rebranding Greece with Zorba The Entrepreneur. 13+ years Web & Business Consulting international SMEs. Author of novels, economic & political articles. Strategist.