Optimize your SEO


Personal customers of mine, often ask me to consult their business for optimizing their rankings in search engine results & Google especially. WordPress & SEO (search engine optimization) have proved that manage to get along together just fine.

Find some tips below to keep in mind,  which can positively function in parallel or independently, when setting up your advertisements, publishing new posts in your site, even after integrating & monitoring the WordPress plugin for SEO, Yoast.

Pay attention to the following & be sure to preview everything before sailing to search engines online:

Focus Keywords & phrases – they trigger your advertisements, they are displayed in your site’s article headings & sub-headings, titles & posts too. In addition, they provide you with more organic traffic.

SEO title – the title displayed in search engine results. It should be catchy for the people that are going to read your title/meta description & click on it or not.

Meta description – the displayed desription of your business/personal activities/advertisement/web presence, which can really motivate someone to click through so to get transferred to your website or e-shop. Some SEO experts argue that meta description is also displayed in social media like Twitter, Google+, Facebook.

A careful assessment of the above, can only help you boost your search engine results, thus be found by more potential customers and set a remarkable difference for your online business, whenever you schedule to create new posts, or launch an advertisement.

– Your personal Cyber Consultant


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