Global Business Intelligence – January / February 2023

Interesting articles I have been reading and personal commentary by yours truly.

Stathis Kassios: Hyperinflation will persist in 2023 not only because of the known factors (geopolitics, energy crisis, economic policies, disrupted supply chains) but also because of psychological motives as observed in the behaviour of citizens in the post-Soviet Communist Eastern European countries in the early 90s.

EBRD warns high inflation in central and eastern Europe will linger – Read HERE

Microsoft Bing will integrate ChatGPT while google will soon launch another equivalent – Read HERE

Stathis Kassios: Chinese automakers can build an electric car that costs 10.000 euros less compared to Western competitors. China almost doubled its share of electric vehicles sold in Europe in 2022. European car manufacturers can push their governments for larger subsidies to finance their production and lower retail prices for buyers, a policy already implemented in usa. Import duties for Chinese electric cars might prove risky to start a trade war. Let’s not forget that big carmakers already run production lines in China for bmw renault etc.

OpenAI creators of chatgpt release a classifier to identify and distinguish content generated by AI – Read HERE

Stathis Kassios: Shipping costs have gone under the radar as a factor contributing to global inflation. Remote islands mostly affected. Media have focused too much on supply chain disruptions and commodity prices due to the war in Ukraine but have neglected the 2021 rise of prices for transport costs by sea which attribute to 2 percentage points in inflation according to the analysis by IMF.

The Costs of Misreading Inflation – Read HERE

Stathis Kassios: For Greece to reach the average Eurozone direct investments rate, it will demand 8% average annual growth rate in DI until 2031. Now standing at around 13.3% of GDP in Greece compared to 21.9% in EU.

$32B value of ftx 32/1/2022 —> $0 value of the crypto company on 11/10/2022. Source: Crunchbase Bankruptcy Filings

How simple people are turning into OSINT (open source intelligence) analysts in Ukraine – Read HERE

Stathis Kassios: Θετικός ο αναπτυξιακός ρόλος του Ταμείου Ανάκαμψης στην ελληνική οικονομία εφόσον οι επενδύσεις διασκορπίζονται σε όλη την ελληνική επικράτεια για βιομηχανικές και τουριστικές επενδύσεις (δημιουργία νέων θέσεων εργασίας) όμως το επιτόκιο του ταμείου είναι μόλις 1.2% και τα αντίστοιχα επιτόκια των εμπορικών τραπεζών έχουν φτάσει 4.5 με 5% στη συμμετοχή τους στα επενδυτικά σχέδια του Τ.Α. πέρα από τη συμμετοχή των επενδυτών με ίδια κεφάλαια. Η αύξηση του κόστους του χρήματος θα περιορίσει τη δυνατότητα εισόδου περισσότερων επιχειρήσεων που λόγω μεγέθους δεν θα μπορούν να ανταποκριθούν στο κόστος δανεισμού.

Nigeria Central Bank launches enaira official digital currency based on blockchain, aiming to increase financial inclusion. – Read HERE

Bull market in the cryptoworld might have to wait until 2024 – Read HERE

Stathis Kassios: are we heading into a full scale war in europe if russia escalates? ukraine on behalf of the Western world and ideals should win and be continuously supported by nato usa to win. There is no altenative or alternate ending.

Stathis Kassios: For Greece to reach the average Eurozone direct investments rate, it will demand 8% average annual growth rate in DI until 2031. Now standing at around 13.3% of GDP in Greece compared to 21.9% in EU.



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