Global Business Intelligence – March / April 2023

“As long as interest rates continue to climb by central banks (ECB, fed, bank of England/Japan, etc) expect more bank failures in 2023. The latter will be forced to liquidate long term bonds, assets and holdings to serve short term depositors & investors” – Stathis Kassios

“Πρέπει κάποια στιγμή επιτέλους το ελληνικό ελαιόλαδο να εξάγεται ως brand, έτοιμο προς αγορά και κατανάλωση και όχι να τυποποιείται από άλλες χώρες οι οποίες αποκομίζουν και την υψηλή προστιθέμενη αξία του” – Stathis Kassios

Εξάγουμε ελαιόλαδο, αλλά και τεχνολογία

“Organization of the Petroleum Export Countries (OPEC) cutting down oil supply not only means raising energy prices for countries that rely heavily on Brent and Crude oil imports like India, but also means tougher -monetary policy- work for FED and other central banks amidst taming global inflation and the recent banking crisis” – Stathis Kassios

Suggested award-winning documentary – CRYPTOPIA –

An interesting thread on why recession can’t be avoided if it’s not already here –

Italy’s watchdog said ChatGPT developer OpenAI had no legal basis to justify the mass collection and storage of personal data for the purpose of ‘training’ the algorithms underlying the operation of the platform. –

According to #goldmansachs economists report 300 million jobs worldwide will be in danger or replaced by the automated work of #artificialintelligence and #AI platforms like #chatgpt. Is this the next Scumpeter-ian Creative Destruction? – Stathis Kassios

Some interesting opinion on the Post Soviet Russia of Putin with many developments overstated –

Let’s admit that the executives of #SiliconValleyBank just before the collapse of their bank, turned from hardcore #libertarians to moderate #liberals, asking their #government to step in, intervene & save small business owners and depositors – Stathis Kassios

“Το κατά κεφαλήν ΑΕΠ στην #Ελλάδα διαμορφώθηκε το 2022 στο 68% του μέσου όρου στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ενωση και είναι το τρίτο χαμηλότερο μετά τη Βουλγαρία και τη Σλοβακία” –

“The banking system as a whole does not depend on Silicon Valley Bank. Other banks are not dependent on loans from SVB, or on lending to SVB, and if SVB’s assets are dumped in a fire sale, it will not make other banks suddenly insolvent. Thus, we are not at risk of a true financial contagion” –

Some benefits of #inflation from the political side of things. Still, if prices continue to climb these supposed benefits will also disappear – Stathis Kassios

The largest #US #bank failure since 2008 #financial #crisis –

According to Christine Lagarde interest rates will continue to climb, expecting no stabilization in the coming 3-4 years. European #economy is going from mass quantitative easing to strict quantitative tightening. – Stathis Kassios

-Yours truly / Stathis Kassios


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